Project Trader: The Shallow Side of the Pool

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Hello, and welcome to the second installment of Project Trader, where I tell you about my adventure on the marketplace.
Due to technical difficulties, I wasn’t able to post yesterday evening…
Great, my first self-set deadline, and I already manage to ruin it.
Enough of that however, I came to regale you with tales of untold riches and decadence.

But, I need to give you a small bit of background first:
About two weeks ago, YV joined a new Corporation called Thunder Bolt Industries [TBIM], a corp not one month old yet.
As the name suggests, this is an industrial Corporation, currently focussed on mining, with aspirations in manufacturing.
I joined up because I was rather impressed by what the CEO posted on his blog, which can be found here.

The Corp is currently mostly filled with fresh players, and is currently suffering from Can Flippers.
A few days back, I was to be witness AND victim of a canflipper.
Suffice to say, it didn’t end very well for the flipper, as I was able to destroy his little Incursus.

But, enough of the background, on to the real matter at hand, my Trading progress.

All in all, I have to say that my Trading Week was more than satisfactory, as I was able to get myself a new Hulk with full T2 fittings and T1 Medium Rigs.
I did this by a mixture of carefull trading on Low Volume – High Return items and High Volume – Low Return items.

Due to me Trading in Jita 4-4, I have to admit that the pace of trading really takes getting used to, and that I frequently had orders being filled only scant seconds after they were posted.
Others were slower going, and others were crying for my attention almost constantly, getting 0.01-ISKed way faster than I had imagined.
Sooner, rather than later though, I was able to afford me that Hulk and fittings, and YV is now happily mining away somewhere in Gallente Space, far from my usual stomping grounds.
Luckily, I didn’t waste all my ISK on the Hulk for YV, as I still had some ISK left on the market, which continued to grow.

I also was able to buy an Armageddon, not 30 minutes at putting up that specific testorder, only to resell it again with a modest profit about 1 hour later.
A later attempt proved to be unsuccessful however.
As it stands now, this is my current balance:
– Liquid ISK: 22,551,894.60 ISK
– Total ISK in Escrow: 28,413,718.88 ISK
– Total in Buy Orders: 10,597,987.73 ISK

The way it is now, I am more or less at the level of Liquid ISK <=> ISK in Escrow, and I just need a little more ‘tweaking’ to get it around my desired 50-50 level.
If Trading keeps up, I’m confident that I will be able to buy my next target ship, an Orca for my Trading to assist in Mining Operation, and have ISK to spare to continue Trading.
An extra bonus I need to keep in mind is the fact that my alt is still some time away from an Orca 🙂

I would like to close with the following thought that somehow got stuck into my mind:
I have just entered the Shallow Side of the Pool, and looking at the other side, I don’t see a Pool at all, but I see a vicious Storm Wracked Ocean, filled with Bloodthirsty Sharks.
It is up to me to steadily go deeper, brave the ever strengthening waves, and ultimately become as bloodthirsty a shark as the current inhabitants.

Untill then, fly safe, and buy my stuff!

YV Out


The Raven’s Maiden Voyage

•May 25, 2011 • 3 Comments

Hi there,

Yesterday, I finally took out my very first Raven out for a testflight.
After having assembled and fitted it out, I undocked in Hek, and headed for Eygfe, my missioning system of choice for the moment.

First thing that hit me is the long time it takes to align.
Having flown so long in Frigates, I couldn’t help but feel extremely vulnerable while my Raven completed its turn, and accelerated to breakneck speeds (at a snail’s pace).
Later, rather than sooner, I was docked up in Eygfe, at the MMC station, ready for my very first mission in my Raven.

I decided to do a lvl 3 first, as I wanted to give the Raven a little test, and accepted the offered mission.
Checking the Journal entry, I headed over to Reset, jumped through, and got into the Deadspace missionpocket.

I was to shoot Angel Cartel vessels, but unfortunately, it wasn’t Angel Extravaganza.
Quickly grabbing aggro from the rats, I unleashed the Drones, and went to town on the Angel Rats.
Suffice to say, I went to Rural Village instead…

What I saw wasn’t to my liking at all, even with the Target Painter active…
However, I did get to test out my first Active Shield Tanked ship, something I am not accustomed to.

I quickly realised that an Active Shield Tank can be a powerfull thing to beat, but that you are very cap dependant.
This made me go to EFT to try to create some sort of Passive/Buffer Shield Tanked Raven.
Below, you will thus find the Active Shield Tank Raven (Fit provided in the E-Uni Public Channel), and my very own Passive/Buffer Tank Raven fit I created in EFT.

Active Tank Raven
High Slots
– 6 * ‘Arbalest’ Cruise Missile Launcher I – Wrath Cruise Missile
– Empty Slot
– Empty Slot

Med Slots
– X-Large Shield Booster II
– Shield Boost Amplifier II
– 2 * Invulnerability Field II
– Heat Dissipation Field II
– Phased Weapon Navigation Array Generation Extron

Low Slots
– Damage Control Upgrade II
– 4 * Ballistic Control System II

3 * Large Capacitor Control Circuit I

– 5 * Hobgoblin II
– 5 * Hammerhead II

Some stats
– EHP: ~53 000
– DPS: Dismal, and can’t be bothered to look it up
– Cap Durability with X-Large Shield Booster II Active: 1m 40s
– Cap Durability with X-Large Shield Booster II Inactive: Capstable

Remarks: Allthough I have little trouble tanking lvl 3 missions in this, I am very skeptic about running lvl 4 missions.
I also need to work on those missile skills, as my current DPS is lacking in damage.
Off course, it could just be that my DPS was very low because I was running a lvl 3 and firing Cruise Missiles.
I’m also looking at adding a Drone Link Augmentor I to this fit, and will look into Faction Ammo.

Passive/Buffer Tank Raven
High Slots
– 6 * ‘Arbalest’ Cruise Missile Launcher I – Wrath Cruise Missile
– Drone Link Augmentor I
– Empty Slot

Med Slots
2 * Invulnerability Field II
– 4 * Large Shield Extender II

Low Slots
– Damage Control Upgrade II
– 4 * Ballistic Control System II

3 * Large Core Defence Field Purger I

– 5 * Hobgoblin II
– 5 * Hammerhead II

Some Stats
– EHP: 103 761
– DPS: 301 according to EFT
– Cap Durability: Capstable at 83%

Remarks: I haven’t tested this setup yet, but I hope it proves as efficient as a similar setup does on my Drake.
If anyone reading this has some experience with a passive/buffer fit for PvE, I’d be gratefull if you could tell me about how it is/was.

Final Conclusions:
I just dipped my toes into flying Battleships, and haven’t done any level 4 missions on my own yet.
I do know that my missile skills need some more work, and I hope to be able to run an easy level 4 mission tonight or later this week.
But right now, I’m going back to my inition plan of training for all the shiny Subcap stuff, this Battleship training added about half a day’s worth of training time to my initial plan.
I could go for a Scorption though…

YV Out

Project Trader: A New Adventure

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Hello dearest reader, and welcome to the first installment of Project Trader.

Project Trader is a series I will be doing on my blog, and will be about *drumroll* trading!
More specifically, it will focus on my endeavours to obtain untold richess by using my trusty alt.
I’ll endeavor to update the series every Sunday Evening, as that finishes my Trading Week, and seems a good time for reflection.
I’ll also note down the actual ISK balance + ISK tied in Buy Orders + Possible ISK from Sell Orders, all so you can laugh at me maniacally, or wallow in despair (or anything in between).

In the not so distant past, my Trading Alt was stationed in Hek, that lovely little Hub in Minmatar Space, frequented by a myriad of podpilots.
Friday however, I decided to pack up my stuff, and head over to Jita, figuring that there was much more Trade to be had than in Hek.

Having made that decision, I dusted off my old Amarr Shuttle, and headed off on the 25 Jump Trip to Jita 4-4, that well known Trade Hub Extraordinaire.
I arrived there sooner rather than later, only armed with my smarts, using 20 million ISK as ammunition.

Checking the market screen, I decided to buy some basic ammo and modules, figuring I’d get a good turnover in a decent timespan.
Boy, within a few minutes, my first Buy Orders were already up, being filled only scant minutes later.
This was looking good, and I decided to step it up a notch.
Suffice to say I’m now several notches further, and am slowly spreading out my tentacles, still feeling around the place, looking for cracks in the system to spot bargains.

If business keeps up like this, I’m sure that I’ll be able to amass some more wealth, thus enabling me to sustain YV via Alt Trading.
Right now,  I’m having loads of fun playing the 0.01 ISK game, and have already been forced to buy out some stuff, just to make sure that my assets were the first ones to go.

As it stands now, I’m not exactly pleased with the current Liquid ISK <=> Amount on order balance, but I do think that it can be explained by me being fresh in the Jita 4-4 marketplace.

And now, without further ado, the current balances:
Liquid ISK: 25 567 011.73
Total in Escrow: 50 815 947.05 (additional 0.00 ISK to cover)
Sell Orders: 11 555 596.23

As soon as I’m able, I’ll be looking to try and have an amount in Liquid ISK that is more or less equal to the Total in Escrow, if somehting goes wrong then, I feel that it would mean a very big lifesaver.

Now, if I have to give my first impressions on the Jita Market, then I’d say that it’s a place I love, with fast paced trading, accompanied by mild outbursts of irritation at those undercutting you.
I hope that my ISK keeps growing, and that I can expand my activities even further.

But now you’ll have to excuse me, as my Wallet Icon is blinking again.
However, if you have any hints or tips, feel free to drop me a line via in-game mail of via comments on this post.

Untill the next installment of Project Trader!
YV Out

OOC: Incursion Updates and New Possibilities

•May 20, 2011 • 2 Comments

Incursion 1.5 has hit, and like a lot of EVE players out there, I was anxious to see what was in store for me.

Launching EVE, the habitual message pops up, saying I need to update.
Quickly hitting OK, the download started, and a few minutes later I was online looking for changes.

The first thing I noticed was the lack of refunded SP, not having trained up the skills that so recently have disappeared from the game.
The second thing I did, was look at the available agents for MMC, especially the Security Division.

Lo and Behold, where before the new patch I wasn’t able to run lvl 4’s for MMC, I now had access to ALL of the lvl 4 security agents…
Ah well, there goes the skillplan for all subcaps…

Reasoning I’d be able to make a decent amount of ISK running lvl 4’s, coupled with trading on my alt, I popped Caldari Cruiser 4 in the queue, which will be followed by the necessary Caldari Battleship skill to at least 3, most likely 4.
So, in a few days, I’ll be able to fly a fancy Raven, with accompanying T2 Tank and Weapon Upgrades, only the weapons will be T1.

After all this is done, I’m reverting to my original plan of training for every T1 and T2 Subcap Combat ship, all the time harvesting ISK from the market.

Allthough this change means I’m deviating from the original plan, I feel it will more than make up for it in terms of ISK generation.
As it stands now, I already noticed the difference in payout of ISK and LP with the latest changes.
Before the patch, I was getting about 500-600K ISK, and a few hundred LP from my habitual lvl 3 agent.
As of yesterday, I see payout nearing 1M ISK, with the received LP floating around 1K, or going over it.
Couple that to the bounties I got, and I quickly became a very happy pod pilot.

Now all I need to do, is gather enough minerals to build my own Raven AND come up with a decent fitting for lvl 4’s.
I guess I’ll have to spend some time in EFT, doctoring out what to put where.
As soon as I come up with some, I’ll put them up here for your reviewing pleasure.

YV Out

OOC: New Goals

•May 18, 2011 • 3 Comments

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of reactivating my second account, which led me to having a second character to trade with.
This type of trading, allthough a bit intensive, has led me to making a nice profit on both chars, with the outlook remaining very positive.

However, the reactivation of that second account got me thinking about the direction I wanted to take on both YV and my Alt
As it stands now, YV is mainly skilled for combat, with a little bit of industry/science on the side, whereas the alt is mostly skilled in trading, with a light sprinkling of frigatecombat skills.
Thinking this a waste of perfect skillpoints, I started plotting out new courses for both characters.

As the plan stands now, I’ll be pumping Tradeskills into the alt, and switch over to Indy/Freighter skills later on.
The way I see it, a dedicated trading char will net me more profit than trading with both chars.
I see it as a way to consolidate my efforts, giving me less hassle overall.
When I’m satisfied with the level of skillpoints invested in Trading, my alt will start trainig for bigger ships with bigger holds, so I can ferry around even more stuff.
This might even open the door for a small business in Hauling Services.

For my main, YV, I have other plans that run in a very different direction.
As it stands now, YV can fly all racial T1 Frigates, some cruisers and some battlecruiser.
She can even fly a Megathron, but don’t ask me how failfit it is!

Seeing this, I realised I made an error somewhere along the line, and have perhaps been too hasty in looking for that new shiny Machine of Doom.
Luckily, I realised the error of my ways, and have come up with a plan that is either totally insance, or very smart.
I’ll have to decide on that one later though.

The plan that slowly hatched inside my brain boils down to this:
I want YV to be able to fly every T1 and T2 Subcapital Combatship in EVE Online…
Insane, aren’t I?

For progression’s sake, I decide to start with the small ships first, and head on up from there.
So, that means I’m now training to be able to fly every Assault Frigate from every Faction, with full T2 fittings.
Luckily, I can fit a broad range of T2 modules already, but I still feel that I am lacking in some departments.

After the Frigates, it’s turn for the Destroyers to come to the fore, and from there on up, I’ll be training for bigger hulls with accompanying Support and Weapons Skills.

Will it take a long time? I’m sure it will.
Will it be fun? I hope so!
Do I think it’s a daunting task I set myself? Hell Yeah!

But, the biggest question of all:
Will I succeed in that mad scheme? I have no idea.

Whenever I try out a new ship or fit, I’ll put it up, and see what you all think about it.
Any pointers are more than welcome off course.

YV Out

You win Some, and You lose Some

•May 13, 2011 • 3 Comments

So, yesterday, I logged on with the intention of mining a can or two of Hi-Sec ore to add to my growing collection minerals.
The goals being to amass a goodly pile of rocks to refine, and then use the minerals to build me some stuff to sell on the market.

First stop was the market however, checking out the running orders, updating where necessary, and buying out those trying to crash my profits.

Having done all that, I undocked in my trusty Retriever, and headed out for the nearest belt.
Finally having filled the can, I docked up again, and switched to my Badger MKII to emtpy the can.

Warping into the belts, all alarms went off.
Looking at the overview, I saw a can in space, with exactly the same name as mine, but with a yellow coloured icon.
Sitting right next to it, looking totally innocent (except for the flashing red), was this cute little Tristan, surely hoping I’d bite.

I have to admit, I was sorely tempted, only to see how long it would take the Tristan to shoot a 10K EHP Badger.
Unfortunately, I returned to the station, and switched to my Drake.
Warping into the belt again, I noticed that Tristan had gone.
Deciding to wait, I was soon rewarded by the Tristan warping back in.

I quickly started targetting, but as is so often the case, the little Frigate proved to be too fast for my targetting computer to have achieved effective lock.
Thinking quickly, I headed back to station, and switched over to my trusty old Wolf Assault Frigate, and headed back into the belt.

Alas, the Tristan had yet again warped off.
I again decided to wait, and was again rewarded to see the pilot warping back, this time on top of me…
Not hesitation, I started locking him, only to get jammed…
This little back and forth targetting went on for about a minute, and then the pilot was gone again.

Luckily, I saw another frigate entering the belt, shooting the rats that had just spawned.
This pilot seemed to be flying a Federation Navy Comet, a ship I haven’t flown in before, or haven’t met in PvP before.

Activating my afterburners, I quickly scooped the pilot’s loot into my Cargo Bay, and started orbiting.
Soon after, I noticed that I was being targetted, and scant seconds later, battle was joined.

I can’t honestly say that this was a Good Fight, as it most definitely was not…
As soon as my Autocannons opened up, I knew I wasn’t exactly in for a fight.
I tore through the Comet’s shielding, crunched away the armour, and obliterated the hul before I knew it.
Just a scant few seconds (or so it seems to me), the Comet was destroyed.

Adrenaline still up, I headed out to the next few belts in the system, and encountered a Rifter Pilot, sitting next to a can, marked 1v1 frigates.

Deciding to bite, battle was again joined, this time in earnest.
As soon as I started, I knew I had a fight on my hand.
As we shot each other, I noticed shields were going down fairly evenly, untill we hit armor…
As soon as we both hit armor, I immediately realized I was in deep trouble, as my tank was being broken easily, but that I was having severe difficulties in breaking into my opponent’s armor.

By the time I was half into my opponent’s armor, I was already taking damage to my Hull.
Suffice to say, I lost the fight, and am now a Wolf short.

After this, good fights were exchanged in local, and I headed off to station, feeling surprisingly pleased with myself.
Why was I surprised when I just lost an AF? I had fun, that’s why 🙂

For me, flying in PvP is not about the tears/rage you can generate, for me it’s the pure fun of sitting on the edge of your seat, knowing that it’s either you or the other pilot.

This encounter did make me rethink my choice of Assault Frigate though, as I’m now looking at a Jaguar instead, and trying to figure out a decent fit for it.
I realised that I needed the extra mid slot for extra modules, and bring a long a repper next time, which I couldn’t fit on the Wolf anymore.

Anyway, as soon as I come up with a fit for my Jaguar, I’ll post it on my blog, and see what you guys think about it.

Untill then, Fly (un)safe, and may your surroundings be full of targets.

YV out

A homecoming of sorts

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Gently stirring in her pod, Yrielle Vandis was amazed at how well the Pulsar Skate functioned.
Even after all these months, the Hurricane was still in top condition.

What amazed her even more, was the fact that she didn’t have any trouble at all in flying the ship.
It was still as intuitive as before she headed planet-side to arrange some private matters.
These private matters had taken more than enough time, and she was glad to be in the cold of space again, away from all the hassle of what people deemed a “normal” life.
She mainly used the term dull however, she had constantly missed the steady stream of incoming data that was her life as a pod pilot.

But most of all, she had missed the thrill of combat.
There was nothing compared to the adrenaline rush she got when fighting off pirates, or doing what other pod pilots would look at as piracy.

Dropping out of Warp, she was greeted by a familiar voice, one she had heard on countless occasions already.
“Warptunnel collapsed, all systems functional.”, came the voice of Aura.
Allthough she still had faith in her crew, she still wanted to hear that reassuring sound when she dropped out of Warp.
Even though she knew the Pulsar Skate as intimately as one could suspect, she wasn’t taking any chances, it was still a Minmatar Battlecruiser after all.
She knew that they made decent ships, but to a person not at home in this kind of matters, a Hurricane could easily be mistaken for a heap of hastily clobbered together junk, fit only for sale as so much scrap metal.

After having checked the orders she had placed a few systems back, she opened a channel to the station that was quickly filling her vision.
“Launch Control, this is the Pulsar Skate. Requesting docking permission.”
“Pulsar Skate,” came the reply, “this is Launch Control. You are cleared to dock. Uploading approach vector to you now.”
“Acknowledged. Pulsar Skate out.”

Having checked the data, she willed the Pulsar Skate to follow the provided vector.
Decreasing the output of the engines, she slowly passed the line where empty space met cold, hard metal.
As she flew deeper inside the cavernous bay, she ignited her running lights and activated the forward beams, so she could see any possible obstacles that might spell sudden doom for her and her ship.
Not that she needed it through the use of her multiple sensor arrays, but she always wanted to see the majesty of the moment.
And her camera drone just couldn’t provide a decent image in the dark, now couldn’t it.

“Pulsar Skate, continue to docking berth 861, “a familiar voice said, “and welcome back Captain.”
“Learchus, is that you?” Yrielle asked.
“Yes it is ma’am, ” he said, “we wanted to welcome you ourselves.”
“Thank you Learchus, ” she replied, feeling touched by this simple gesture, “I’ll be docked up in about 10 minutes. Meet you back there after I got all this goo off of me.”
“Roger that. Learchus out.”

10 minutes later, the Pulsar Skate was fixed into place by the docking clamps, and Yrielle’s pod was gently lifted out of the vessel.
1 hour later, she re-entered the hangar where she was berthed, to receive a crisp salute from her small, but faithfull, crew.
Returning the salute, she pulled up the sleeves from the flightsuit she donned.

“Thank you for the warm welcome, “she told her crew, “let’s get busy. I’ve missed this more than you people think.”
“Glad to have you back with us ma’am, “Learchus replied, “what do you want us to do?”
Glancing over at Temerity, her old Drake, she grabbed some diagnostic tools, and headed off with her team in tow.

“An agent notified me of some Angel Cartel vessels wreaking havoc in the system, and I’m going to need Temerity to sort it all out.
And I need to get my security status back up anyway, might as well shoot some pirates in the meantime.”
With that, Yrielle and her crew set to work on Temerity, overhauling the whole system, and fitting up everything she was going to need to kill those Angels.