Getting my Pew back on

I love PvP in EvE Online, there is nothing like those heartpounding moments when you are shooting at one another, and it is a feeling I have sorely missed out on for quite some time now.
Lucky me, this has already changed.

As our alliance is currently embroiled in a war with TAXU, our gaming habits have forcefully been changed.
Where we normally go carebearing to fund our ships, and make the alliance profit, we had to adapt a “No Carebearing” style of life while our war targets are online.
Sadly, not all of the pilots have adapted expertly to this kind of life, which lead to the loss of a Loki and a Retriever.
Apparently, the Loki pilot had fallen asleep behind his computer, and woke up just before it exploded.
And what that Retriever was doing, I can only guess at…
These unfortunate losses aside, we haven’t exactly suffered from the war with TAXU, and continue on our merry way, but with a focus on PvP.

It was during one of the silent moments, with no TAXU members smacking us in local, that I set out to a nearby lowsec system to go hunt for some targets.
As it had been a while since I’ve flown into actual combat, I was picky in what I would engage, I did not want to lose my new Wolf.
Keeping an eye on local, I kept note on the who and what coming into system, using D-Scan from a safespot to try and find something I should be able to handle.

About half an hour later, I got a Thrasher on D-Scan, flown by a day old character.
Seeing the characters age, I reckoned he was ratting, which my D-Scan seemed to confirm.
Scarcely 2 minutes later, I had him on a belt, and happily pounced on him.

Lock and tackle were quickly established, after which I unleashed my 150MM Autocannons on him.
Shield was going down fast, and before I really knew it, I was biting through his armor.
Sooner, rather than later, his ship went boom, with a little bit of help of the local rats.
Away he went in his pod, swiftly leaving local, not to return that same evening.
As an aside, I wish to note that the rats were subsequently shot for their behaviour.

After the Thrasher kill, I decided to wait for my criminal cooldown to expire, after which I logged off for the night.
The next day proved to be uneventfull, and the only target practice I had was shooting a neutral alt from an alliance member.
Had it not been said on TS at that time, it would have been one dead Punisher.
Yesterday saw the Alliance get some extra action.
Plans had been made to fleet up on saturday, but this was rescheduled to sunday at the last moment.

So, yesterday, 6 of us fleeted up an hour in advance to discuss some random stuff while we were waiting to go out.
Not wanting to risk my Wolf or Drake, I grabbed a Blasterrax from the Corp Hangars, and got it quickly to Hek, it needed some additional love.
While shopping in Hek, I got the message that I was not to undock, I was camped in the station.

Scouts were sent to the undock, to discover that an Arazu and a Phobos were waiting on the undock for me, together with a Loki alt.
As we were not going to incur another pointless loss, I stayed indoors, waiting for the all clear.
A long 20 minutes later, the all clear was given, and on we went.

Apparently, our war targets had fled back to Nein, and had docked up in one of the stations.
As we wanted blood, the fleet made best speed for Nein, where we safed up in preparation of the docking games.
Once the station was identified, we warped in on 100KM, to find an enemy Absolution sitting in the undock lane, nose pointed to the station, engines idling.
Barely had we moved, and the “brave” Absolution pilot docked up.

The FC decided to bounce back to the station, where we would warp in on our optimals.
We were barely back on the station when a Megathron undocked, flying the TAXU colors.
Logically, we started shooting it, but as the pilot did not aggress, he simply docked up.

A minute later however, TAXU decided to man up and fight, and they undocked in 2 Megathrons.
This time, they aggressed, and the fight was on.
Concentrating on the primary, it’s shields went quickly down, followed by a speedy demise of armor.
About halfway through, 2 neutral RR ships arrived on the scene, and quickly started their repairs of the now damaged Megathron.
As we were fully expecting their RR alts to show up, our ECM pilot switched targets, and jammed an Oneiros.
The remaining RR ship wasn’t able to keep the Megathron alive, and it quickly went down.

Seeing his sister ship die, the second Megathron pilot de-aggressed and docked back up, with their neutral RR fleeing the field of battle.
The fleet then proceeded to scoop the loot, and dock up to repair.
Upon docking, we learned that we had incurred a loss as well.
One of our Thorax‘s had been destroyed.

After docking up, I called it a day.
It appears that no extra targets were killed that evening, but that our thirst for combat has only grown bigger.

YV Out


Edit: My notekeeping skills suck. Mega kill did not happen in Eygfe, but Nein…


~ by Yrielle Vandis on March 26, 2012.

3 Responses to “Getting my Pew back on”

  1. Good write up the op’s events YV! Just a note that the battle happened in Nein and not Eygfe.

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