Alive, but not a lot of excitement.

Well, it has been quite some time since I’ve posted anything here.

I blame RL and not a lot of excitement going on. I hardly think that tellings stories about my mining escapades will thrill any of you reading this.

Lately, however, things have gone uphill again.
YV’s now part of the Directorate of a small indie corporation that formed after the TBIM Scam, and I’m trying to get a form of decent income going.

We’ve currently got 21 pilots in total working together, getting to know each other, and helping out where they can.
All in all, we’ve got a decent lot of pilots with us, with some of them having more than excellent ideas.

On the combat side of EVE, I’ve managed to toast a Rifter in Erstet with my Jag, and I managed to lose my Jag a short while later to another Jag.
While running a 2/10 DED site with full room aggro, a Jag warped in, and started shooting me.
Suffice to say, all did not go well for me, and I was quickly warping away in my pod.
GF’s were exchanged, and I’m hoping to get a rematch with that same pilot somewhere soon.

I also managed to scan down a Wormhole a few days back.
Jumping in with my Heron, I warped out to a Celestial, hit the Protocloak on arrival, and headed off in a random direction.
Scant seconds later, I knew I had to get out as fast as possible, as D-Scan revealed two carriers, a Dread, and a few freighters.
Having already bookmarked the wormhole’s location I warped over there, thinking to quickly get out…
No. Wormhole. To. Be. Found.

Apparantly, I managed to collapse the Wormhole in my puny Heron…
Warping to an earlier made Safespot, I started to try to scan down an exit, but alas, I couldn’t find any, and I was getting pretty tired.
Instead of logging out with my cloak active, I decided to Self Destruct, and took the Pod Express back to Hi-Sec, or so I thought…
I ended up in Auner, a 0.4 system 3 jumps out of Hek, and quickly made my way back to my home station.

All in all, these last few weeks haven’t seen too much excitement, a fact that I am working on as we speak.

Untill next time.

YV Out.


~ by Yrielle Vandis on August 23, 2011.

3 Responses to “Alive, but not a lot of excitement.”

  1. I did the same thing the otherday, jumped through an eol hole, it instantly collapsed behind me.

  2. Seems like everyone’s taking a hiatus from EvE atm. At least all the targets we used to find in Wormholes.

    Our own corp has suffered from this too, and getting a good op together has been hard.

    Our corp is fairly small, so if just 1-2 pilots aren’t online, we struggle to take on bigger targets.

    But at least it seems like things are turning around. More people online each day, and targets seem to be coming back to eve as well. 🙂

    We also tend to stay away from holes that are EOL when we find ’em.
    You have no idea how long they’re gonna last, and we’ve had numerous occasions where it collapsed seconds before we jumped in.

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