The New Me: New Impressions

Due to workinghours changing for the rest of the week, I had the luck of staying online later than usual, time I spend strolling about in my Captain’s Quarters, running the Tutorial Missions, and getting a much better feel for my Quarters.

After having setup my second screen, I started two clients in Windowed mode, and logged in on YV.
CQ loaded in under 10 seconds on full detail, without any problems at all.
Filled with trepidation, I logged onto my Trade Alt, with all settings to the max.
Already having gone through a lot of the forums, and reading posts about graphic cards (even recent ones) dying, I was anxious to find out the effects on my new laptop.

Logging in to the second character, I noticed that it took a little bit longer, to my best guess it was somewhere around the 10-15 seconds mark.
CQ loaded, I let both of my characters walk from the couch to the balcony door at the same time, and I was pleased to note that I was not suffering from any form of lag at all.
Everything seemed to be running smoothly at the time.

Seeing this, I started using more stuff, especially the market screen, as this could prove to be stressfull on my old laptop.
Suffice to say, it worked like a charm, again on both accounts at the same time.

I kept experimenting with more stuff, and haven’t encountered any form of lag or glitches, at all.
However, the testing did show me that CCP still has work to do on the Captain’s Quarters before it will really shine.

In no specific order, this boils down to the following for me:

Walking Speed
The speed at which our characters walk seriously needs to be changed.
It doesn’t have to be a lot faster, but I think that walking around my appartment takes too much time.
If (or when) CCP expands the Walking in Stations to other areas, I see a lot of people asking for a quicker pace (as they are doing already).
Personally, I think a sedate pace in your private Quarters is sufficient, but if you need to get to a public area it will be a real royal PITA to get to where you want to go, I feel that some sort of rapid pace or hasty tread is needed here, maybe even running.

Sitting on the couch
This might seem trivial, but it is a thing that really disturbs me.
If I want my character to go and sit on the couch, I want to be able to do so by giving the ‘command’ from across the room.
As it stands now, I have to walk my character to the couch, stand in front of it, and only then can I let my character sit.
Even when I’m standing on the other side of the table, I still have to walk around it before I’m able to issue the Sit command.
I feel that, if CCP alters this command to be issueable from across the room, it would make for a better kind of immersion alltogether.
However, I think the viewability of the couch hotspot comes into play here.

Sleeping on the bed
Another small thing that disturbs me, is the inability to lie down and/or sleep on the bed.
At the risk of sounding stupid, I really would love to be able to let my character lie down on the bed before I log out.
For me, that’s immersion, and is a long time habit in gaming for me.
In every game I have played over my time, I always logged out with a char lying in bed/sleeping whenever I had the opportunity.

Usability of the TV Screens
This is acutally the biggest cause of any irritation I feel about the Captain’s Quarters, the general usability of the TV Screens.
As it stands now, there really is no way to actually adapt what is shown on those screens at all.
There is also not a lot of variation in what is shown on them.
I would really love to be able to choose the content on the screens myself, especially on my Trade Alt.
To give an example, I’d love to set the left screen to show my current buy orders, the middle one to show the market screen, and the right screen my current sell orders, clicking on the orders would also lead to the market screen refreshing to show the actual buy and sell orders of said item.
Another thing I would like to have is actual sound from those TV screens when some sort of movie is playing.
Another great option would be to be able to play some form of movies on the middle screen, even if it would only be old EVE Online trailers, but I wouldn’t say no to something along the lines of Clear Skies playing on those screens as well.
Off course, with sound.
So CCP, in the most unlikely event that you actually read this: Plz to gief TV Soundz, plzkthxbai!

Hotspots in general
This is again a minor issue to me, but I do feel the hotspots in general need some additional work.
Actually clicking on the stuff is easy, but accidentally hovering over one can make a pretty decent mess of what you were trying to in the first place.
This because the stuff keeps hovering in your field of view untill you actually click on an hotspotfree part of the floor, but I’m getting quickly used to it.

Overall Impression
So, to give an overall impression with these extra points, I have to admit to liking Captain’s Quarters, along with the mentioned issues.
As is the case with so much in EVE Online, I like the work they put into it, but I don’t consider it a product that is one hundres percent finished.
If CCP would be able to adjust these minor points in some way, I think that not only myself, but a great deal of their playerbase would be more happy with Captain’s Quarters.

YV Out


~ by Yrielle Vandis on June 23, 2011.

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