The new Me: First Impressions on Incarna

Well, it’s been some time that I’ve posted something here, about 2-3 weeks if my counting is correct.
For that I apologize, but in my defense I would like to point out that Real Life takes precedence over Virtual Life anytime, any day.
However, I did get time to be online, and this time was filled with lots of looking stuff up and brainstorming.

A while ago, there was this character named Das Miner who had set up a new Corporation called Thunder Bolt Industries.
As I was actively looking for a new corp on YV, I decided to give it a shot, and got into TBIM.
Not a month later, Das Miner proved to be a scam alt, and ran off with (not) a lot of money.
But, that is a tale for another day, suffice to say I stuck with the scammed members, and we got into a new Corp, ready for whatever New Eden may throw at us.

Now, on to the main story, Incarna and the Captains Quarters!
As most of you know, WiS (Walking in Stations) was the kind of release CCP tended to talk about, but nothing more.
Knowing the regular Eve Playerbase, this generated questions/trolling/flaming/raging at the ifs and the whens of WiS.
Then, CCP announced Incarna, where we could actually walk around on our two legs, in a station, out of our pod…

Guess what? More rage, a lot more rage.
Some of the rage I can actually understand, as people with low to mid-range systems are encountering difficulties with the Incarna patch, such as freezing, overheating, and other undesirable computer performance.
A second cause for this I identified was the uselessness of it all, a fact to which I can agree, up to a point.
What I also loved about the rage, was the rage about the extended downtime.
Yes, having downtime prolonged by a few hours is irritating to say the least, but it’s not the end of the world for me.
There’s plenty of stuff you can do during downtime besides waiting impatiently for the servers to be up again.

I agree with the people telling that Captain’s Quarters are useless, but I do keep in mind that this is just a precursor to station interiors that are to come.
There is not much to do in your Quarters except walking around, checking out your current active ship on your private balcony, or sitting on the couch and looking at the screens that are set up there.
Oh yes, you can also look at yourself in the mirror…

This all seems rather negative, but I do have to say that graphically it looks more than OK, I just have some problems with the way clothing on my character looks.
The clothing seems to be my skin, whereas I prefer to have it look like you actually can see where clothing ends and where naked skin begins, but this doesn’t mean I don’t like the look of the clothing, as I actually really like the look and feel of it all.

Another slightly sore point is the speed at which my character walks, the camere controls behind it, and especially the turning.
I think that the speed of walking could use a slight boost, and that the camera controls (especially when turning) could have been done better.
Why do I have to release my right mouse button for the turn to take effect?
I feel that it would be much better to simply let my character turn together with a turn of the camera, it would make it much more intuitive.

A thing in Incarna that I (currently) have no love for at all, is Aurum.
Seeing the way it is set up, Plex to Aurum, I see no reason to partake in it, especially with the way prices are set up right now.
A basic item costing 3600 AUR means you have to buy 2 Plex, just so you can buy it…
Either CCP is milking their consumerbase for extra cash, or some poor coder mistakenly put in a (few) extra zero(es) when adding the items to the Noble Exchange.
I really hope that CCP revisits the pricing on either Plex or the vanity items, I guess time will tell.

As is always the case for me, I create a new character after every new expansion, just so I can see how the New Player Experience has evolves, especially the beginner tutorials.
On this, I have to admit to being impressed.

I have created several new characters over the period I’ve been playing, most for the fun and novelty of it, but the Tutorial I got now was the best I have seen so far.
What was especially welcome for me was Aura, and the way how it guides you through your first moments.
It may sound strange, but the voice used reminds me a lot of the character Deanna Troi from the Start Trek: Next Generation series.
I really like the fact that you start out in a station, not even owning a rookie ship.
The game now forces you to undock in your pod, warp to a mission deadspace, where you have to board your first ship, you don’t even have a civilian gun or mining laser yet!

What I also love about Incarna are the looks of the new turrets, they are really nice to look at, too bad launchers still need work.
But what I love the most about Captain’s Quarters, is being able to actually see your ship hanging in the hanger from your personal terrace.
I think this really gives you a feel of the actual dimensions of the ship, scaling issues not withstanding.

If I had to give CCP points on Incarna overall, I’d give it a 7/10.
Yes, Captain’s Quarters on full detail tend to look nice, but I feel other parts of the game have been totally neglected due to this.
One new ship model and new turrets don’t actually cut it for me, I would have loved to also see more content being added, apart from the Noble Exchange that is.
Untill then, I’ll be enjoying EVE, drinking a Quafe Zero from time to time, and generally enjoying the rest of the game.

YV Out


~ by Yrielle Vandis on June 22, 2011.

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