Dust 514: A long wait

Well, jumping on the bandwagon, I’ll be rambling about Dust 514 a bit.

CCP launched the following Press Release about Dust, mentioning the fact that it was going to be a PS3 Exlcusive (on launch).

Now, I’m an occasional PS3 gamer, and have been looking forward to Dust 514 since the first mention of it.
Not because it’s the first console game from CCP, but because I think it has a lot of potential.
If CCP actually comes through on their promise of Dust having real effect on Eve Online like they said it would have, then I think it will see New Eden change, a lot.

However, I do think it’s not the best of decisions to release Dust on PS3 only, as CCP could approach a much larger market by releasing it on Xbox as well.
I do think that this would mean a (much) later launch, and could perhaps mean problems in linking the 3 networks together (Eve + XBL + PSN), but that is something I’m not going to dicuss, I don’t know those kind of things.
And I would also love to be able to shoot Xbox gamers from my trusty PS3 🙂

All of that aside, from what I have already seen from Xbox and PS3, I think that the choice for PS3 is a good one in regards to the robustness of hardware.
As I also play Mass Effect 2 from time to time, and have seen the difference between PS3 and Xbox, I must say that the graphical power of a PS3 is significantly greater than that of Xbox.
That does not mean that Xbox should be discounted though, as I personally think the Kinect offers more potential over the PS Move system.
PS Move is fun, and has good motion capturing, at least that is my experience, but not having any form of controller in your hand when playing does have its appeal to me.
I do still wonder how you play shooters without any actual controller though, aside from your own body…

On the matter of XBL vs PSN:
Both systems have their strong and weak points.
The biggest weak point I see from the PSN comes from the recent hack, and the stability issues I still encounter since it’s back online.
However, I do think (and hope) that by the time of Dust’s release, the network will be up and running very smoothly indeed.
A major strong point I see in PSN is the fact that it is free to use.
With XBL, I have to admit that I have no experience whatsoever, so I will refrain saying anything about its strong and weak points, purely because I don’t know them from experience.

Another thing I would like to mention: Xbox also has some great exclusives, and I’ve been a huge fan of the Halo universe, but I just can’t be arsed to buy an Xbox purely for those games alone.
Another great exclusive I see on Xbox is Alan Wake, a game I would love to play from start to finish at one time or another.

I would also like to point you over the Roc Wieler’s post about Dust 514, as it is not only an excellent write-up, but also covers other points from a more Techie Point of View.

As a last note, I would like to say the following:
If I ever get the chance to perform an orbital bombardment, then all anyone would have to do is point me in the right direction, all the while hoping I could see the effects on my PS3.


~ by Yrielle Vandis on June 7, 2011.

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  1. Thanks for the link. Good insights in your post.

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