Project Trader: The Shallow Side of the Pool

Hello, and welcome to the second installment of Project Trader, where I tell you about my adventure on the marketplace.
Due to technical difficulties, I wasn’t able to post yesterday evening…
Great, my first self-set deadline, and I already manage to ruin it.
Enough of that however, I came to regale you with tales of untold riches and decadence.

But, I need to give you a small bit of background first:
About two weeks ago, YV joined a new Corporation called Thunder Bolt Industries [TBIM], a corp not one month old yet.
As the name suggests, this is an industrial Corporation, currently focussed on mining, with aspirations in manufacturing.
I joined up because I was rather impressed by what the CEO posted on his blog, which can be found here.

The Corp is currently mostly filled with fresh players, and is currently suffering from Can Flippers.
A few days back, I was to be witness AND victim of a canflipper.
Suffice to say, it didn’t end very well for the flipper, as I was able to destroy his little Incursus.

But, enough of the background, on to the real matter at hand, my Trading progress.

All in all, I have to say that my Trading Week was more than satisfactory, as I was able to get myself a new Hulk with full T2 fittings and T1 Medium Rigs.
I did this by a mixture of carefull trading on Low Volume – High Return items and High Volume – Low Return items.

Due to me Trading in Jita 4-4, I have to admit that the pace of trading really takes getting used to, and that I frequently had orders being filled only scant seconds after they were posted.
Others were slower going, and others were crying for my attention almost constantly, getting 0.01-ISKed way faster than I had imagined.
Sooner, rather than later though, I was able to afford me that Hulk and fittings, and YV is now happily mining away somewhere in Gallente Space, far from my usual stomping grounds.
Luckily, I didn’t waste all my ISK on the Hulk for YV, as I still had some ISK left on the market, which continued to grow.

I also was able to buy an Armageddon, not 30 minutes at putting up that specific testorder, only to resell it again with a modest profit about 1 hour later.
A later attempt proved to be unsuccessful however.
As it stands now, this is my current balance:
– Liquid ISK: 22,551,894.60 ISK
– Total ISK in Escrow: 28,413,718.88 ISK
– Total in Buy Orders: 10,597,987.73 ISK

The way it is now, I am more or less at the level of Liquid ISK <=> ISK in Escrow, and I just need a little more ‘tweaking’ to get it around my desired 50-50 level.
If Trading keeps up, I’m confident that I will be able to buy my next target ship, an Orca for my Trading to assist in Mining Operation, and have ISK to spare to continue Trading.
An extra bonus I need to keep in mind is the fact that my alt is still some time away from an Orca 🙂

I would like to close with the following thought that somehow got stuck into my mind:
I have just entered the Shallow Side of the Pool, and looking at the other side, I don’t see a Pool at all, but I see a vicious Storm Wracked Ocean, filled with Bloodthirsty Sharks.
It is up to me to steadily go deeper, brave the ever strengthening waves, and ultimately become as bloodthirsty a shark as the current inhabitants.

Untill then, fly safe, and buy my stuff!

YV Out


~ by Yrielle Vandis on May 30, 2011.

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