OOC: New Goals

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of reactivating my second account, which led me to having a second character to trade with.
This type of trading, allthough a bit intensive, has led me to making a nice profit on both chars, with the outlook remaining very positive.

However, the reactivation of that second account got me thinking about the direction I wanted to take on both YV and my Alt
As it stands now, YV is mainly skilled for combat, with a little bit of industry/science on the side, whereas the alt is mostly skilled in trading, with a light sprinkling of frigatecombat skills.
Thinking this a waste of perfect skillpoints, I started plotting out new courses for both characters.

As the plan stands now, I’ll be pumping Tradeskills into the alt, and switch over to Indy/Freighter skills later on.
The way I see it, a dedicated trading char will net me more profit than trading with both chars.
I see it as a way to consolidate my efforts, giving me less hassle overall.
When I’m satisfied with the level of skillpoints invested in Trading, my alt will start trainig for bigger ships with bigger holds, so I can ferry around even more stuff.
This might even open the door for a small business in Hauling Services.

For my main, YV, I have other plans that run in a very different direction.
As it stands now, YV can fly all racial T1 Frigates, some cruisers and some battlecruiser.
She can even fly a Megathron, but don’t ask me how failfit it is!

Seeing this, I realised I made an error somewhere along the line, and have perhaps been too hasty in looking for that new shiny Machine of Doom.
Luckily, I realised the error of my ways, and have come up with a plan that is either totally insance, or very smart.
I’ll have to decide on that one later though.

The plan that slowly hatched inside my brain boils down to this:
I want YV to be able to fly every T1 and T2 Subcapital Combatship in EVE Online…
Insane, aren’t I?

For progression’s sake, I decide to start with the small ships first, and head on up from there.
So, that means I’m now training to be able to fly every Assault Frigate from every Faction, with full T2 fittings.
Luckily, I can fit a broad range of T2 modules already, but I still feel that I am lacking in some departments.

After the Frigates, it’s turn for the Destroyers to come to the fore, and from there on up, I’ll be training for bigger hulls with accompanying Support and Weapons Skills.

Will it take a long time? I’m sure it will.
Will it be fun? I hope so!
Do I think it’s a daunting task I set myself? Hell Yeah!

But, the biggest question of all:
Will I succeed in that mad scheme? I have no idea.

Whenever I try out a new ship or fit, I’ll put it up, and see what you all think about it.
Any pointers are more than welcome off course.

YV Out


~ by Yrielle Vandis on May 18, 2011.

3 Responses to “OOC: New Goals”

  1. I set myself the goal of flying every BC hull and down in game, and being able to appropriately T2 fit them all. Kept me amused for quite a long now. Now that I achieved that, I am now working on the BS and capital hulls (bar supers). Should keep me amused for at least the next 18 months. Good luck with your goal!

    • Thanks.
      How long did it take you to get every BC and below hull trained?
      My aim is to be able to fly the said ships with decent skills and fittings, so am not doing a rushjob…

      I’m now EVEMon and EFT warrioring like I have never done before 🙂

      • Close to 4 years at a rough guess – including all possible modules (I believe only missing Covert Cyno, some Gang Links, and T2 Codebreaker & Analyzer). It is a long term goal…

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