CSM: Hoax or Serious Business?

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This months topic comes to us from @evepress, and he asks: The CSM: CCP’s Meta Game? – The CSM, an eve players voice to CCP.Right? In the grand scheme of things yes, the players bring up issues and the CSM presents them to CCP. But in its current iteration the CSM was supposed to be given small authority to assign CCP assets toprojects that the CSM thought needed work on. As it has not come outthis was not the case. So fellow bloggers, is the CSM worth it, has the CSM improved the game in any way, or is it just a well thought out scamby CCP to give us players a false sense of input in the game? What’s your take?

Well, CK was not mistaken when he told us we would like the subject.
Myself, I’ve always loved reading about the CSM, and find it very fascinating.

But first, I’d like to tell you in short what the CSM is.
If you already know, then please skip this paragraph, I’m just explaining for any possible reader that has just started EVE Online, and who hasn’t had time to get to know a lot more than approach + orbit + F1-F8.
The CSM stands for Council of Stellar Management, and is a player elected body of EVE Online players who are willing (and crazy enough) to go to CCP HQ in Iceland, and tell the CCP Folks what the playerbase thinks about EVE Online, what the players want to see happen/not happen.
CSM Meeting Minutes are also published after said meetings, so as to inform the playerbase about what was talked about, what kind of decisions were made, etc…

Now, I know some people talk about the CSM like it’s one big CCP PR Stunt, and it could really be only just that.
But myself, I believe otherwise, and I’ll tell you why.

For me, the CSM is the group of people that administrate a giant noticeboard.
On this noticeboard, every player can put up a notice about stuff they want to see happen, be it bugfixes or implementation of new features.
If the CSM members see that a notice garners some (or a lot of) support, they will keep watching this notice, and take it off when the time for meetings amongst themselves and with CCP is upon them.

As a player elected council, they can tell CCP Stafff that, according to them, they find notice X and Y has bigger priority than notice R, and that they think that especially X should receive higher priority than Project B currently in development/on the drawingboard.

Then, after the meeting, they put that stuff back on the noticeboard, with some added information, and telling us to look out for the meeting minutes for more details.
I personally believe that this should also be the first thing you read if you see the minutes are out.

Then why do I love the concept of the CSM so much?
I love it because all those members are actual players of EVE Online, players that were chosen by the other players to be their Voice in CCP HQ, players that want to push CCP into the direction the playerbase wants.

Yes, their have been CSM Scandals in the past, and there will most likely be more in the future, but what about it?
To that I say that it makes the CSM even more special.
But don’t get me wrong though, I don’t approve of scandals which have happened in the past, but it shows me that the EVE Online is more close knit than one would guess at first.

But, it’s not the players forming the CSM that I like, it is the concept, and the way in which it has evolved.
When the first CSM was underway, I wasn’t even yet playing EVE Online, and had never heard of it.
The day I heard about it, I fell in love with the concept, and will most probably keep loving it untill I retire from EVE Online, or just don’t give a crap anymore.

It’s my opinion that CCP has taken a huge risk with the concept of the CSM, and has kept taking these risks with the evolution to the CSM we know now.
The CSM we have now has a stakeholder position in CCP, which to me means that they have an advisory role to CCP, nothing more.
For me, this means that the CSM cannot influence CCP directly, but what they can do is go to the roundtables with preparation and good arguments for their points.
If they can pursuade CCP Staff of their points, then it will make the CCP Staff themselves think about this, and maybe come up with possible ideas in their heads, ideas which may one day become reality, and make EVE Online a still better game that it is now.

As I see it, the CSM is not in a position to brutely force CCP into a certain direction, I see it as a bunch of players acting as guides to CCP, guides to the wishes of EVE Online players, slowly (but surely) leading CCP on to the fruition of the player wishes.

I am confident that, in time, CCP will take our voices more seriously untill they do now.
Untill then, the ball is still in CCP’s camp, and they can do with the CSM and it’s advise what they want.
But personally, I believe that CCP has already listened to us more than we can imagine with giving the CSM that stakeholder spot.

Only when I see the concept of the CSM fall down like a house of cards will I give up supporting it, untill then, I will be a staunch believer of the CSM.

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~ by Yrielle Vandis on July 16, 2010.

15 Responses to “CSM: Hoax or Serious Business?”

  1. Excellent post and an interesting read. I think the CSM have a tough job considering the amount of players who raise issues and the support available from CCP to try and fix them. Just writing my Blog Banter now..

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  12. Our understanding of CSM purpose and realities differ. Very informative interesting read. In my humble opinion, the CSM is still one of the best Public Relation Schemes to come along, and it’s fooling no one. If it was, more of us would vote. I ceased voting when CSM itself acknowledged it is placation only.

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