CCP’s Gifts

Thanks to the Big Downtime we had recently, CCP gave us 100,000 skillpoints to distribute among our highest SP char on our account(s).

I have seen lots of people bitching about these 100K SP’s, as they were not training their highest SP char at that time, that their alt-account didn’t need anymore SP, that it wasn’t a fair reward, hurf blurf bla bla bla…
If I have interpreted the EVE EULA correctly, CCP wasn’t even obliged to give us those SP’s anyway.

Personally, I think it’s a nice gesture of CCP, showing us that they do feel bad about what happened.
For some, these 100K SP were an actual boon, and enabled them to finish some much-needed skills without actually having to wait for them.
For other people, mainly people using high SP chars, I don’t think it was such a great gift.

People with high SP chars are already used so much to waiting, that a 100K SP won’t matter that much anymore, except maybe shortening some skilltraining by a matter of hours.
For me personally, it allowed me to cut the trainingtime of my current skill in the queue to about half of the total SP needed. Not exactly really great, but fun to have nonetheless.

The thing I like most about these free SP’s however, is the fact that CCP gave everyone the exact same amount.
They didn’t make any complicated calculations based on SP/hour for the hightest SP toon, they just treated everyone as equals.
That is commendable I think.

Another present we got was the Primae, a very nice looking ship.
I think this ship really has the Industrial Look, and I wish more Industrial Vessels like the Primae (or with it’s kind of look) would be put into the game.
The paintscheme is superb, and I think the model of the ship is very stunning indeed.

Too bad I won’t be using it very often, just like the Zephyr.
I’m simply not into PI, but that may change someday.

All in all, I think it nice of CCP to give us these gifts, and I think they should do that more often.
Their gifts could be useless, but if it’s a nice looking ship, I’ll keep it in my hangar, just to have a look at it from time to time.
There’s only one thing I hope: If CCP ever gave us another ship, I hope it will be somewhat combat/support oriented.

EDIT: Thanks to Jade from Lost in EVE for pointing out that the free SP’s were a mutually agreed upon gift proposed by the CSM to CCP.
All I want to say is: Thank you CSM!


~ by Yrielle Vandis on June 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “CCP’s Gifts”

  1. Nice post. I think the highlight of this ‘gift’ needs to be that it was a proposal mutually agreed between the CSM and CCP. Being as though past relations have broken down, this was a positive step forward.

    And you’re right…they’re not obliged to give anything. They made the effort as a gesture due to the super extended downtime and that’s cool with me.

    Regarding the Primae…I fear its destiny may end up being similar to the Zepher’s in that people hunted them down for a little pew pew prizes. It’s a nice looking ship and has a bit of tank on it so it would be nice to see it in use.

    Good Post!

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