Upcoming CSM 5 Elections

If you haven’t been living under a rock these past weeks, you’ll definitaly know of the upcoming CSM elections, and should be keeping an eye on all the candidates, as they are our representatives to CCP, and thus are able to put pressure on CCP to work on pointers given by the EvE Playerbase.

I’ve been keeping an eye on three individuals running for CSM 5 for various reasons.
I urge you to give their Campaign Pages/Forum Threads a visit.
Dierdra Vaal’s Campaign Page
Mynxee’s Campaign Page
Ankhesentapenkah’s EvE Online Forum Post

For the moment, my vote is going to DV, as his proposals will have the most impact on my style of gameplay.

Mynxee is in the ‘running’ here so to speak, because she raises valid points about Low Sec Space and PvP.
I’m sure that, if Low Sec Space could be made more seductive to us Carebears, you would see a lot of going out there, and reap the rewards Low Sec has to offer.

As for Ankhesentapemkah (WTF is up with that name anyway?), well, let’s just say that I’m disgusted by her…
The changes she’s proposing to the Suicide Ganking are, nicely said, extremely drastic… I think they are completely moronic…
No real penalty for doing lots of ganking? What is Sec Status for?
With a Sec Status of -10, you lock yourself out of Hi-Sec so to speak, and how much of a percentage is that in terms of actual systems you can “safely” visit?
Another thing, she doesn’t have any experience whatsoever with Suicide Ganking… neither has she ganked, neither has she been the victim of a ganking… she even admits to never going to attempt to gank as she thinks it’s immoral…

If you raise a point like this, and you’re not prepared to get some actual experience in, then shut you frakkin’ mouth about it…

Another point she would like to raise is that the CSM not gets free tickets to FanFest, yet she would gladly accept her Free Ticket…
I think this is the perfect example of her mindset, and from what I’ve read, she would like to see EvE become more and more like WoW/Hello Kitty Online…

What’s her next step, propose only consensual PvP in EvE?

Anyway, I vented my steam, had my rant, and I’m sorry you had to read this, but I just wanted to share my views on these elections.

As for the upcoming CSM, I hope it’ll be a great one, and would love to see both DV and Mynxee in it!


~ by Yrielle Vandis on April 29, 2010.

9 Responses to “Upcoming CSM 5 Elections”

  1. Crying about an organization that has seen one proposal to implementation seems a little like complaining about the weather. And I’m being generous when I give them credit for the skill queue.

    CCPs CSM = 8/10 for concept, 1/10 for implementation. Opiate for the cranky.


    • Forgive me if I mininterpret your comment 🙂

      I’m not crying about the CSM at all, I love the concept of it, I’m just ranting about Ankh 🙂

      • Apologies for my somewhat flippant comment. Just meant that the CSM serves it’s purpose for CCP as long as it’s drama keeps players’ attention off other issues (eg. Local-gate scandal.)

        All that aside, I enjoy a thoughtful, intelligent blog and am adding this one to my RSS reader.


    • Flippant comemnts are fun 🙂

      And yes, CCP should implement a fix to the local-gate scandal as soon as possible.

      And thanks for adding me to the reader 🙂

  2. Good read, found it from the tweetfleet, and I’m glad to see support for the CSM. Indeed past CSMs have been ineffective as mentioned by KaarBaak, and his sentiments are really proliferate through the EVE community. Understandably so when we look at ideas that have come out of past CSMs like “warp scramblers will prevent docking.” That is just horrendous.
    With the upcoming CSM, they will now have a stake in the development cycle. I urge you not to revote members of past CSMs who have contributed to past ineffectiveness!
    I encourage you also to consider my platform for CSM5, found in full at http://www.littlethingsfirst.com , to “Fix the Little Things First!” To hone, tighten, and make more efficient your everyday gameplay, before adding anymore big features to further complicate things. The CSM needs to put forward suggestions that are actually feasible for CCP to accomplish, implement a host of little things that synergize to create a true vast improvement of your daily EVE experience.

    • I’ve read your site, and am not feeling the “Wow, I like this guy” effect… at all.

      Little things have been fixed, and little things will always need fixing.
      I personally prefer new content every X amount of months, than getting an “expansion” where just the little things will get fixed.
      Personally, I think the next “expansion” would then re-focus on a whole host of other little things, and it’ll soon turn out to be a vicious circle…

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