Ortog Promethium Industries

Unexpected visits in Meat Space… ugh… I hate those.
I understand that friends tend to come over once in a while, but if they are coming for my beautifull baby daughter, a call in advance would be appreciated.
So right when I was going to log into EvE, knock knock it went… Great, visitors, no EvE for me for the moment.
Luckily, they didn’t stay long, and I was able to log on about one and a half hour later.

So, first thing I did when logged in was talk to my L3 Agent, and get myself a mission to get back into the F1 – F7 game.
I got Gone Berserk, so I quickly transferred the Pod to my Drake, and off I went.
Mission didn’t even start to test my tank, and was soon handed in for a nice reward.
Having bookmarked the Mission Location so I could collect ze salvage and lewtz, I returned in my trusty Salvage Thrasher…
It took me a total of 4 warp-ins to come away with all ze salvage and lewtz. Unfortunately, no Meta 4 loot this time 😦

After this lonely mission, I started on the main path I had set out for the evening, creating my own Corp.
Yesterday evening, Ortog Promethium Industries was born, with the Corp Tag being [ORTOG].

As you, my dear reader, will probably guess, [ORTOG] is an Industrial Corp.
The main goal for now is raise sufficient funding so I can setup a small POS in Hi-Sec space, and get some Research going.
To that end, I have gathered a small collection of T1 Blueprints to get some ISK generation going.
Individually, the items are not worth much, but are all High Demand items, so these should generate a steady flow of ISK for me.
To the end of ISK generation, I will also be adding more BPO’s to my collection to enlarge my chance of ISK generation and to prevent from relying on too few items at once.

Another first-timer for me yesterday was Ice Mining.
As I want to set up my own POS, I’ll off course be needing fuel, and I reckoned I could cut down on the costs somewhat if I mined some Ice.
Currently, my Ice Mining is done with a Hulk, but as soon as my alt has an Itty IV/V, she’ll be flying alongside me for hauling purposes, at which point I will probably be using a Mackinaw to get a little bit of extra speed in the Mining Process.
Now I just need to find the courage to make all the jumps from Gallente Space into Minmatar Space, and I should be good to get hauling.

As a final note, I will also be opening production to the general public.
To that end, I will have a page on this blog detailing what items I can create, and for what price these can be acquired.
I am also working on certain packages, but these still have to be figured out.
These packages will currently be full T1 Packages, but will most likely get upgraded as my wallet grows, and I can get into more advanced production.
So keep your eyes on this blog, as this page will appear this evening or tomorrow morning.

Fly Dangerously
Yrielle Vandis


~ by Yrielle Vandis on April 27, 2010.

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