Project Trader: A long overdue update

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Pfew, it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything about Project Trader, the project where I would post a weekly update on mondays, talking about my market shenanigans, and my (in)ability to make any form of decent profits.
I guess my planning went straight down the drain with that one.
I’m still looking into getting some form of weekly update in, but I just don’t know on what day I should do.
Mondays still seem the most likely day for me, as it’s looking most “natural” to me.
Time will tell I guess.

Now, on to the Project Trader update itself.

I’ve been back online for a short 2 weeks now, where I first re-activated my original account with YV in it, and I reactivated the second account 2 days later.
Since then, I’ve been mainly holed up in Jita 4-4, hopeing to piss off the other traders by stealing their profits.
I’ve already tried my hand at some intra-system/intra-region trading, but for this, I’ll need another hauler.
Using an Orca to ferry NPC goods between stations just isn’t so damn efficient. An Itty V will have to do it, if I can be bothered to take it the 25 jumps back to Jita that is.

So far, I can’t say my trading has been uneventfull, as I’ve been able to make about 85M ISK in profits, thus nearly doubling my current wallet.
As I can safely juggle 65 orders at the moment, and my wallet isn’t really fat, I don’t see the actual need of upgrading the amount of orders I can have running for now.
What I did do, however, was train Margin Trading, a skill I would recommend to any new trader.
The ability to put some ISK “on hold” is a very convenient way of putting up more orders, especially when you’re rather short on cash.
Coupled with some very fast movers, I’ve been able to not have to worry about being able to flesh out the amount that’s been put “on hold”.
In hindsight, I should have trained Margin Trading a lot sooner, as I have noticed that it increases my chances at making profits considerably.

I’ve also had some lucky breaks, where I jumped onto opportunities that seemed good, and that did turn out to be just that, good deals.
On the flipside, I’ve also had transactions where the profits turned out much less than desired, purely because the 0.01-isking on them was so great.
This has shown me that I need to a lot more research before setting up large buy orders, be it in amount of items, or amount of ISK put forth.
Luckily, I haven’t incurred any losses thus far. But, it’s only a matter of time before I have to cut my losses on some deals, instead of keeping it in store if said item would ever rise again.

To track my profits, I currently use eve-profit, a website that can be found here.
It’s a free to use website, and easy to use.
Allthough I think that it does a good job at displaying my current level of earnings, I still continue to look for other tools.
As it stands now, I’m just one download away from using the EMMA market tool, which can be found here.
All I need to do is download SQL Express 2008, and then I can use it.

To finish this post for today, I’d like to give you some stats.
Beware, they are not all that impressive.

Initial Wallet: 120M ISK
Current Wallet: 150.9M ISK
Total Sell Orders: 46.7M ISK
Total Buy Orders: 53.9M ISK
ISK in Escrow: 16.3M ISK

Total Profit so far: 87.5M ISK
Best Profit in a single day: 23.8M ISK

Note: All data was pulled from eve-profit, and might not be 100% accurate.

YV Out


Getting my Pew back on

•March 26, 2012 • 3 Comments

I love PvP in EvE Online, there is nothing like those heartpounding moments when you are shooting at one another, and it is a feeling I have sorely missed out on for quite some time now.
Lucky me, this has already changed.

As our alliance is currently embroiled in a war with TAXU, our gaming habits have forcefully been changed.
Where we normally go carebearing to fund our ships, and make the alliance profit, we had to adapt a “No Carebearing” style of life while our war targets are online.
Sadly, not all of the pilots have adapted expertly to this kind of life, which lead to the loss of a Loki and a Retriever.
Apparently, the Loki pilot had fallen asleep behind his computer, and woke up just before it exploded.
And what that Retriever was doing, I can only guess at…
These unfortunate losses aside, we haven’t exactly suffered from the war with TAXU, and continue on our merry way, but with a focus on PvP.

It was during one of the silent moments, with no TAXU members smacking us in local, that I set out to a nearby lowsec system to go hunt for some targets.
As it had been a while since I’ve flown into actual combat, I was picky in what I would engage, I did not want to lose my new Wolf.
Keeping an eye on local, I kept note on the who and what coming into system, using D-Scan from a safespot to try and find something I should be able to handle.

About half an hour later, I got a Thrasher on D-Scan, flown by a day old character.
Seeing the characters age, I reckoned he was ratting, which my D-Scan seemed to confirm.
Scarcely 2 minutes later, I had him on a belt, and happily pounced on him.

Lock and tackle were quickly established, after which I unleashed my 150MM Autocannons on him.
Shield was going down fast, and before I really knew it, I was biting through his armor.
Sooner, rather than later, his ship went boom, with a little bit of help of the local rats.
Away he went in his pod, swiftly leaving local, not to return that same evening.
As an aside, I wish to note that the rats were subsequently shot for their behaviour.

After the Thrasher kill, I decided to wait for my criminal cooldown to expire, after which I logged off for the night.
The next day proved to be uneventfull, and the only target practice I had was shooting a neutral alt from an alliance member.
Had it not been said on TS at that time, it would have been one dead Punisher.
Yesterday saw the Alliance get some extra action.
Plans had been made to fleet up on saturday, but this was rescheduled to sunday at the last moment.

So, yesterday, 6 of us fleeted up an hour in advance to discuss some random stuff while we were waiting to go out.
Not wanting to risk my Wolf or Drake, I grabbed a Blasterrax from the Corp Hangars, and got it quickly to Hek, it needed some additional love.
While shopping in Hek, I got the message that I was not to undock, I was camped in the station.

Scouts were sent to the undock, to discover that an Arazu and a Phobos were waiting on the undock for me, together with a Loki alt.
As we were not going to incur another pointless loss, I stayed indoors, waiting for the all clear.
A long 20 minutes later, the all clear was given, and on we went.

Apparently, our war targets had fled back to Nein, and had docked up in one of the stations.
As we wanted blood, the fleet made best speed for Nein, where we safed up in preparation of the docking games.
Once the station was identified, we warped in on 100KM, to find an enemy Absolution sitting in the undock lane, nose pointed to the station, engines idling.
Barely had we moved, and the “brave” Absolution pilot docked up.

The FC decided to bounce back to the station, where we would warp in on our optimals.
We were barely back on the station when a Megathron undocked, flying the TAXU colors.
Logically, we started shooting it, but as the pilot did not aggress, he simply docked up.

A minute later however, TAXU decided to man up and fight, and they undocked in 2 Megathrons.
This time, they aggressed, and the fight was on.
Concentrating on the primary, it’s shields went quickly down, followed by a speedy demise of armor.
About halfway through, 2 neutral RR ships arrived on the scene, and quickly started their repairs of the now damaged Megathron.
As we were fully expecting their RR alts to show up, our ECM pilot switched targets, and jammed an Oneiros.
The remaining RR ship wasn’t able to keep the Megathron alive, and it quickly went down.

Seeing his sister ship die, the second Megathron pilot de-aggressed and docked back up, with their neutral RR fleeing the field of battle.
The fleet then proceeded to scoop the loot, and dock up to repair.
Upon docking, we learned that we had incurred a loss as well.
One of our Thorax‘s had been destroyed.

After docking up, I called it a day.
It appears that no extra targets were killed that evening, but that our thirst for combat has only grown bigger.

YV Out


Edit: My notekeeping skills suck. Mega kill did not happen in Eygfe, but Nein…

Addiction Reactivated

•March 24, 2012 • 2 Comments

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything on here, which was thanks to my RL situation.
Now, I’ve finally been able to squeeze Eve Online back into my life, and I’m planning to keep it that way.

Expect more, regular, updates from me.
I’ll also be redoing my Project Trader stuff, as I also opened up my second account with my Trade Character to earn those always needed ISKies.

Now, on to the real stuff.

I’ve been back online for 3-4 days now, and have already spent a great deal of that time in low security space.
Unfortunately, kills are lacking, as are losses.

Yesterday, however, finally brought back the thrill of the hunt.
As we were quietly chillaxing in our low sec system, we kept tabs on the who and what came into system to see if anything was worthwile to kill.
Suddenly, we had a Gila on D-Scan, and tried to track it down.
Alas, we failed, no fancy killmail for us.

We also tried to track down an Anathema and Jaguar, but those pilots kept playing cat and mouse games with us, cloaking up in safes, of simply jumping in and out of our system.
Here, no killmails as well 😦

As we were happily chatting away on TS, I got a Punisher on D-Scan, and decided to prowl the belts.
Scant seconds later, I had the Punisher tackled, and started tearing through it’s shields.
It was at that moment that someone said on TS: “YV, stop shooting that ship, that’s my alt!”.
In other words, the only real action I had was shooting a neutral alt…

That is it for the time being, hopefully I can regale you with better tales the next time I can post.

YV Out

Alive, but not a lot of excitement.

•August 23, 2011 • 3 Comments

Well, it has been quite some time since I’ve posted anything here.

I blame RL and not a lot of excitement going on. I hardly think that tellings stories about my mining escapades will thrill any of you reading this.

Lately, however, things have gone uphill again.
YV’s now part of the Directorate of a small indie corporation that formed after the TBIM Scam, and I’m trying to get a form of decent income going.

We’ve currently got 21 pilots in total working together, getting to know each other, and helping out where they can.
All in all, we’ve got a decent lot of pilots with us, with some of them having more than excellent ideas.

On the combat side of EVE, I’ve managed to toast a Rifter in Erstet with my Jag, and I managed to lose my Jag a short while later to another Jag.
While running a 2/10 DED site with full room aggro, a Jag warped in, and started shooting me.
Suffice to say, all did not go well for me, and I was quickly warping away in my pod.
GF’s were exchanged, and I’m hoping to get a rematch with that same pilot somewhere soon.

I also managed to scan down a Wormhole a few days back.
Jumping in with my Heron, I warped out to a Celestial, hit the Protocloak on arrival, and headed off in a random direction.
Scant seconds later, I knew I had to get out as fast as possible, as D-Scan revealed two carriers, a Dread, and a few freighters.
Having already bookmarked the wormhole’s location I warped over there, thinking to quickly get out…
No. Wormhole. To. Be. Found.

Apparantly, I managed to collapse the Wormhole in my puny Heron…
Warping to an earlier made Safespot, I started to try to scan down an exit, but alas, I couldn’t find any, and I was getting pretty tired.
Instead of logging out with my cloak active, I decided to Self Destruct, and took the Pod Express back to Hi-Sec, or so I thought…
I ended up in Auner, a 0.4 system 3 jumps out of Hek, and quickly made my way back to my home station.

All in all, these last few weeks haven’t seen too much excitement, a fact that I am working on as we speak.

Untill next time.

YV Out.

The New Me: New Impressions

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Due to workinghours changing for the rest of the week, I had the luck of staying online later than usual, time I spend strolling about in my Captain’s Quarters, running the Tutorial Missions, and getting a much better feel for my Quarters.

After having setup my second screen, I started two clients in Windowed mode, and logged in on YV.
CQ loaded in under 10 seconds on full detail, without any problems at all.
Filled with trepidation, I logged onto my Trade Alt, with all settings to the max.
Already having gone through a lot of the forums, and reading posts about graphic cards (even recent ones) dying, I was anxious to find out the effects on my new laptop.

Logging in to the second character, I noticed that it took a little bit longer, to my best guess it was somewhere around the 10-15 seconds mark.
CQ loaded, I let both of my characters walk from the couch to the balcony door at the same time, and I was pleased to note that I was not suffering from any form of lag at all.
Everything seemed to be running smoothly at the time.

Seeing this, I started using more stuff, especially the market screen, as this could prove to be stressfull on my old laptop.
Suffice to say, it worked like a charm, again on both accounts at the same time.

I kept experimenting with more stuff, and haven’t encountered any form of lag or glitches, at all.
However, the testing did show me that CCP still has work to do on the Captain’s Quarters before it will really shine.

In no specific order, this boils down to the following for me:

Walking Speed
The speed at which our characters walk seriously needs to be changed.
It doesn’t have to be a lot faster, but I think that walking around my appartment takes too much time.
If (or when) CCP expands the Walking in Stations to other areas, I see a lot of people asking for a quicker pace (as they are doing already).
Personally, I think a sedate pace in your private Quarters is sufficient, but if you need to get to a public area it will be a real royal PITA to get to where you want to go, I feel that some sort of rapid pace or hasty tread is needed here, maybe even running.

Sitting on the couch
This might seem trivial, but it is a thing that really disturbs me.
If I want my character to go and sit on the couch, I want to be able to do so by giving the ‘command’ from across the room.
As it stands now, I have to walk my character to the couch, stand in front of it, and only then can I let my character sit.
Even when I’m standing on the other side of the table, I still have to walk around it before I’m able to issue the Sit command.
I feel that, if CCP alters this command to be issueable from across the room, it would make for a better kind of immersion alltogether.
However, I think the viewability of the couch hotspot comes into play here.

Sleeping on the bed
Another small thing that disturbs me, is the inability to lie down and/or sleep on the bed.
At the risk of sounding stupid, I really would love to be able to let my character lie down on the bed before I log out.
For me, that’s immersion, and is a long time habit in gaming for me.
In every game I have played over my time, I always logged out with a char lying in bed/sleeping whenever I had the opportunity.

Usability of the TV Screens
This is acutally the biggest cause of any irritation I feel about the Captain’s Quarters, the general usability of the TV Screens.
As it stands now, there really is no way to actually adapt what is shown on those screens at all.
There is also not a lot of variation in what is shown on them.
I would really love to be able to choose the content on the screens myself, especially on my Trade Alt.
To give an example, I’d love to set the left screen to show my current buy orders, the middle one to show the market screen, and the right screen my current sell orders, clicking on the orders would also lead to the market screen refreshing to show the actual buy and sell orders of said item.
Another thing I would like to have is actual sound from those TV screens when some sort of movie is playing.
Another great option would be to be able to play some form of movies on the middle screen, even if it would only be old EVE Online trailers, but I wouldn’t say no to something along the lines of Clear Skies playing on those screens as well.
Off course, with sound.
So CCP, in the most unlikely event that you actually read this: Plz to gief TV Soundz, plzkthxbai!

Hotspots in general
This is again a minor issue to me, but I do feel the hotspots in general need some additional work.
Actually clicking on the stuff is easy, but accidentally hovering over one can make a pretty decent mess of what you were trying to in the first place.
This because the stuff keeps hovering in your field of view untill you actually click on an hotspotfree part of the floor, but I’m getting quickly used to it.

Overall Impression
So, to give an overall impression with these extra points, I have to admit to liking Captain’s Quarters, along with the mentioned issues.
As is the case with so much in EVE Online, I like the work they put into it, but I don’t consider it a product that is one hundres percent finished.
If CCP would be able to adjust these minor points in some way, I think that not only myself, but a great deal of their playerbase would be more happy with Captain’s Quarters.

YV Out

The new Me: First Impressions on Incarna

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Well, it’s been some time that I’ve posted something here, about 2-3 weeks if my counting is correct.
For that I apologize, but in my defense I would like to point out that Real Life takes precedence over Virtual Life anytime, any day.
However, I did get time to be online, and this time was filled with lots of looking stuff up and brainstorming.

A while ago, there was this character named Das Miner who had set up a new Corporation called Thunder Bolt Industries.
As I was actively looking for a new corp on YV, I decided to give it a shot, and got into TBIM.
Not a month later, Das Miner proved to be a scam alt, and ran off with (not) a lot of money.
But, that is a tale for another day, suffice to say I stuck with the scammed members, and we got into a new Corp, ready for whatever New Eden may throw at us.

Now, on to the main story, Incarna and the Captains Quarters!
As most of you know, WiS (Walking in Stations) was the kind of release CCP tended to talk about, but nothing more.
Knowing the regular Eve Playerbase, this generated questions/trolling/flaming/raging at the ifs and the whens of WiS.
Then, CCP announced Incarna, where we could actually walk around on our two legs, in a station, out of our pod…

Guess what? More rage, a lot more rage.
Some of the rage I can actually understand, as people with low to mid-range systems are encountering difficulties with the Incarna patch, such as freezing, overheating, and other undesirable computer performance.
A second cause for this I identified was the uselessness of it all, a fact to which I can agree, up to a point.
What I also loved about the rage, was the rage about the extended downtime.
Yes, having downtime prolonged by a few hours is irritating to say the least, but it’s not the end of the world for me.
There’s plenty of stuff you can do during downtime besides waiting impatiently for the servers to be up again.

I agree with the people telling that Captain’s Quarters are useless, but I do keep in mind that this is just a precursor to station interiors that are to come.
There is not much to do in your Quarters except walking around, checking out your current active ship on your private balcony, or sitting on the couch and looking at the screens that are set up there.
Oh yes, you can also look at yourself in the mirror…

This all seems rather negative, but I do have to say that graphically it looks more than OK, I just have some problems with the way clothing on my character looks.
The clothing seems to be my skin, whereas I prefer to have it look like you actually can see where clothing ends and where naked skin begins, but this doesn’t mean I don’t like the look of the clothing, as I actually really like the look and feel of it all.

Another slightly sore point is the speed at which my character walks, the camere controls behind it, and especially the turning.
I think that the speed of walking could use a slight boost, and that the camera controls (especially when turning) could have been done better.
Why do I have to release my right mouse button for the turn to take effect?
I feel that it would be much better to simply let my character turn together with a turn of the camera, it would make it much more intuitive.

A thing in Incarna that I (currently) have no love for at all, is Aurum.
Seeing the way it is set up, Plex to Aurum, I see no reason to partake in it, especially with the way prices are set up right now.
A basic item costing 3600 AUR means you have to buy 2 Plex, just so you can buy it…
Either CCP is milking their consumerbase for extra cash, or some poor coder mistakenly put in a (few) extra zero(es) when adding the items to the Noble Exchange.
I really hope that CCP revisits the pricing on either Plex or the vanity items, I guess time will tell.

As is always the case for me, I create a new character after every new expansion, just so I can see how the New Player Experience has evolves, especially the beginner tutorials.
On this, I have to admit to being impressed.

I have created several new characters over the period I’ve been playing, most for the fun and novelty of it, but the Tutorial I got now was the best I have seen so far.
What was especially welcome for me was Aura, and the way how it guides you through your first moments.
It may sound strange, but the voice used reminds me a lot of the character Deanna Troi from the Start Trek: Next Generation series.
I really like the fact that you start out in a station, not even owning a rookie ship.
The game now forces you to undock in your pod, warp to a mission deadspace, where you have to board your first ship, you don’t even have a civilian gun or mining laser yet!

What I also love about Incarna are the looks of the new turrets, they are really nice to look at, too bad launchers still need work.
But what I love the most about Captain’s Quarters, is being able to actually see your ship hanging in the hanger from your personal terrace.
I think this really gives you a feel of the actual dimensions of the ship, scaling issues not withstanding.

If I had to give CCP points on Incarna overall, I’d give it a 7/10.
Yes, Captain’s Quarters on full detail tend to look nice, but I feel other parts of the game have been totally neglected due to this.
One new ship model and new turrets don’t actually cut it for me, I would have loved to also see more content being added, apart from the Noble Exchange that is.
Untill then, I’ll be enjoying EVE, drinking a Quafe Zero from time to time, and generally enjoying the rest of the game.

YV Out

Dust 514: A long wait

•June 7, 2011 • 1 Comment

Well, jumping on the bandwagon, I’ll be rambling about Dust 514 a bit.

CCP launched the following Press Release about Dust, mentioning the fact that it was going to be a PS3 Exlcusive (on launch).

Now, I’m an occasional PS3 gamer, and have been looking forward to Dust 514 since the first mention of it.
Not because it’s the first console game from CCP, but because I think it has a lot of potential.
If CCP actually comes through on their promise of Dust having real effect on Eve Online like they said it would have, then I think it will see New Eden change, a lot.

However, I do think it’s not the best of decisions to release Dust on PS3 only, as CCP could approach a much larger market by releasing it on Xbox as well.
I do think that this would mean a (much) later launch, and could perhaps mean problems in linking the 3 networks together (Eve + XBL + PSN), but that is something I’m not going to dicuss, I don’t know those kind of things.
And I would also love to be able to shoot Xbox gamers from my trusty PS3 🙂

All of that aside, from what I have already seen from Xbox and PS3, I think that the choice for PS3 is a good one in regards to the robustness of hardware.
As I also play Mass Effect 2 from time to time, and have seen the difference between PS3 and Xbox, I must say that the graphical power of a PS3 is significantly greater than that of Xbox.
That does not mean that Xbox should be discounted though, as I personally think the Kinect offers more potential over the PS Move system.
PS Move is fun, and has good motion capturing, at least that is my experience, but not having any form of controller in your hand when playing does have its appeal to me.
I do still wonder how you play shooters without any actual controller though, aside from your own body…

On the matter of XBL vs PSN:
Both systems have their strong and weak points.
The biggest weak point I see from the PSN comes from the recent hack, and the stability issues I still encounter since it’s back online.
However, I do think (and hope) that by the time of Dust’s release, the network will be up and running very smoothly indeed.
A major strong point I see in PSN is the fact that it is free to use.
With XBL, I have to admit that I have no experience whatsoever, so I will refrain saying anything about its strong and weak points, purely because I don’t know them from experience.

Another thing I would like to mention: Xbox also has some great exclusives, and I’ve been a huge fan of the Halo universe, but I just can’t be arsed to buy an Xbox purely for those games alone.
Another great exclusive I see on Xbox is Alan Wake, a game I would love to play from start to finish at one time or another.

I would also like to point you over the Roc Wieler’s post about Dust 514, as it is not only an excellent write-up, but also covers other points from a more Techie Point of View.

As a last note, I would like to say the following:
If I ever get the chance to perform an orbital bombardment, then all anyone would have to do is point me in the right direction, all the while hoping I could see the effects on my PS3.